Reading that it, Inigo tells Max that helping Westley will hurt Humperdinck

Westley groans out, “Tr. oooooo. luv,” which Max mishears because the “To help you bluff.” Valerie following incurs the area and you will starts scolding your, informing him that he is a liar and you can explaining to Inigo and you may Fezzik he could have been different since Humperdinck discharged him. Maximum are prepared to assist after this was found.

Maximum brings forth a capsule invisible when you look at the a swelling out of clay which is supposed to render Westley back again to lifestyle for just one hour. Fezzik and you may Inigo give thanks to him and you may drag Westley up to the fresh new finest of a single of palace structure. It provide your this new secret tablet, and then he immediately starts to talk, not remembering one thing except who Buttercup was. Westley threatens her or him and Fezzik and Inigo address their questions about what is going on and you can determine your palace is protected from the a hundred males. Westley says that it’s impossible, but their cohorts don’t let your stop trying. He devises a design that uses a good wheelbarrow and you will an excellent cloak.

In the palace, Buttercup silently guides on the section so you can their wedding, as the she takes on one Westley helps you to save the woman. Inigo seems to pull Westley, exactly who nonetheless you should never go, including your since Fezzik would wear brand new cloak and you will stands atop the fresh new wheelbarrow. Inigo bulbs geekowskie serwisy randkowe dla frajerГіw the cloak on fire and you can Fezzik booms out about being the Dread Pirate Roberts as he was wheeled with the the new shields who work on regarding your within the anxiety.

In the 5:41, Rugen throws good dagger to the Inigo’s tummy

The past part of your own book is called “Honeymoon”, therefore begins with Fezzik, Inigo, and you will Westley against Yellin who’s the final guard on gate. He gives them the answer to the newest door after Fezzik threatens to tear off his arms. From this point toward, we have been considering a countdown towards the wedding. The marriage progresses slowly by officiant, new Archdean, is extremely old and talks in detail. Still, in the 5:31, Humperdinck and you will Buttercup is actually wed.

Inigo realizes that Amount Rugen ‘s the six-fingered guy and also at 5:34 they are finally capable of making his a lot of time-rehearsed speech towards man exactly who killed their dad, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare yourself so you can die”. But not, reading this, Rugen transforms and you may flees.

From the 5:29, Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik stumble on Amount Rugen on the palace

At 5:46, Buttercup, who has been kept alone within the Humperdinck’s chamber, appears because of his weapons to possess something which she can use to to visit committing suicide. In the 5:37 Inigo realizes that he means Fezzik’s help to break apart a secured doorway you to Rugen have fled compliment of and you may Fezzik need log off Westley alone to do so. Fezzik reduces the door, and you may Inigo comes after Rugen from the castles corridors. At the 5:forty eight, Buttercup prepares so you’re able to going committing suicide by vision regarding Westley sleeping during sex about the girl. During the 5:50, Humperdinck discovers Westley and Buttercup in his area and you may dives having their firearms. The guy shouts, “Toward passing!” just to features Westley prevent, “For the aches!” Within 5:42, Inigo starts to get ready for his demise. He apologizes in order to their father. But their dad bursts on his dying attention and requires you to he remain fighting.

Inigo pulls the newest blade from their belly and you may renews his journey out-of Rugen. Eventually, the guy manages to corner Rugen and you will eliminates your. He requires their revenge at last. At 5:52, Westley shows you just what “into the aches” way to Humperdinck. It is a great duel in which if Westley gains, he features the new Prince live however, only shortly after slicing away from their wrists, ankles, nostrils and you can sight. But he’ll hop out new ears making sure that he can tune in to new shouts of everyone who’s horrified from the their physical appearance.

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